Smart Trace Systems™
Flush Mount
Designed for TracerPit Access Points


Smart Trace Systems™ – Flush Mount Grounding Terminal
Tracer Wire Grounding Terminals should be installed at each location where grounding is present. When locating a conductor, accuracy is best achieved by using low frequency. Low frequency can only be used if the far end of the conductor is grounded. In the normal (or down) position, the associated tracer wire legs are grounded. By flipping the switch up, all lines become ungrounded and isolated from one another, thus allowing the locating technician to connect their transmitter to the intended target to perform the locate. When the locate is complete, simply return the switch to its original position to ensure proper grounding status is achieved.

Placement of Tracer Wire Grounding Terminal
The Flush Mount Grounding Terminal has been designed to mount directly to the underside of a tracer wire access pit lid. The mounting holes will accommodate lid configurations. See below in Application Notes.

Incorporating a Grounding Terminal into Existing Tracer Wire Systems
This Flush Mount Grounding Terminal may be retrofitted into any existing tracer wire system to improve locating capabilities and grounding configuration. Refer to Placement of Tracer Wire Grounding Terminal above.

Application Notes
Tracer wires and grounding leads can be attached to this device using a crimped connection. Tracer Wire Technologies recommends using a crimped ring connector for a secure, fail-safe connection. Once a ring connector has been crimped on the end of the wires, use the supplied nuts to secure the wire to the appropriate terminal.

  • Intuitive design provides convenient transmitter connection point and selective grounding isolation
  • Water resistant switch provide moisture intrusion protection
  • Rated for 50,000 make-and-break cycles
  • High quality Stainless Steel terminals
  • 5 terminal (4 tracers & 1 ground) allows direct connection to individual tracer wire leg
  • No manipulating bonding / grounding



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