Tracer-Lock® Connector


TRACER-LOCK® Connector is a direct bury, self-stripping, locking connector system used for making connections to underground tracer wire systems. Our innovative and unique design allows the connector to be installed as an “in-line” or “lateral” connector without stripping the tracer wire.

  • Works with sizes 18 thru 8 AWG. Sizes can be mixed or matched. The wide range of sizes is useful as different sizes are commonly used in open-cut versus boring installs.
  • Pre-filled with a proprietary anti-oxide compound with excellent water and corrosion proofing technology that provides superior electrical continuity.
  • Self-stripping design that utilizes a stationary toothed blade for insulation displacement. Eliminates installer error and issues caused by stripping wire manually.
  • A one-piece connector that utilizes mechanical compression for extreme holding power that no other tracer wire connector can match. Eliminates the need to tie knots into wire before entering connector for extra holding power. Housing is virtually indestructible.
  • Designed to work with all forms of copper, copper-clad steel (CCS), and stainless steel tracer wire. Can also be used as an access point for locators.



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