Tracer Wire Grounding Device - Triple


Tracer Wire Grounding Device – Triple


The triple Tracer Wire Grounding Device is used where a lateral line ties into the main line.  The dual switch design allows for each leg of the main line tracer wire to be terminated individually, while also providing lateral line isolation.  In the normal position, all legs are grounded.  By flipping the switch associated with the main line, it allows the technician to isolate the desired path for accurate locating.  Additionally, by flipping the second switch, it provides a path for the lateral line to be located.  When the locate is complete, simply return the switches to their original position, and the grounding configuration returns to its proper state.

  • Intuitive design provides convenient transmitter connection points and selective grounding isolation
  • To be used with 3/4″ rigid metal conduit
  • Provides the ability to isolate the mainline from a lateral
  • Protect tracer wire from sun exposure and trimmers
  • Weatherproof design prevents bugs and moisture intrusion
  • APWA color-coded switch covers provide easy utility identification (available upon request)
  • Constructed with UL rated components
  • High quality 316 Stainless Steel terminals



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Weight .87 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 5 × 5 in


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