Smart Trace Systems™ grounding
terminals improve the accuracy of
locating telecom and tracer wires.

Are You Locating Telecom and Tracer Wires Wrong?

As more non-metallic utility lines are installed, tracer wires are an essential part of locating these lines.  If you are familiar with tracer wire construction, you have most likely seen one or two wires sticking out of the ground.  This is incorrect for 2 reasons. Learn why When the ends of tracer wires are left ungrounded, this significantly reduces the ability to locate them accurately.  However, Tracer Wire Technologies has developed a solution for the problem.  With over 51 years of combined locating experience, we have created a device that not only grounds telecom and tracer wires, but allows the grounding configuration to be disconnected, thus providing a way to selectively locate the intended path.  

We understand how difficult it can be to locate telecom and tracer wires; therefore, we knew our products had to be safe, simple and effective.  Our Smart Trace Systems™ grounding devices provide an intuitive design for novice technicians, while also providing enhanced locating capabilities for the most experience locator.  We designed our products with 3 major components in mind: grounding, isolation, and easy to use.  A single switch gives the operator complete control of the line that they are trying to locate.  Locator terminals offer a convenient connection for the transmitter.  See for yourself.  

Locating Tracer Wires


If you have any formal line locator training, you know an ungrounded telecom or tracer wire is very difficult to locate accurately. Our Smart Trace Systems™ solve this problem with an intuitive design which ensures the line is never left ungrounded.  

Locating Tracer Wires


With multiple color options available, we can accommodate almost any tracer wire application. We also have a discrete model for high traffic areas. Click here for more information about our color coding options. 

Locating Tracer Wires


The wrong locate can lead to serious consequences. Locating telecom and tracer wires is accomplished through line segmentation and proper grounding.  For more information about line locator training, visit Center Line Resource.